He got a new haircut! He looks manlier now ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ💪
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Lay’s rap about Changsha culture, history and food during his self-introduction at the Lost Planet in Changsha 140727 (ft. Chanyeol doing  the beatbox)

Cut from the audio live stream by EXO_LIVE-宅男直播间

This kid is so proud of his hometown. The rap is about how Changsha has thousands years of history with many historical cites and delicious food, and how every Changsha people is proud to make the future of Changsha better. I’m so proud to hear that Yixing still treasures his connections with his hometown so much. He once mentioned that his relatives and friends were all invited to this concert. They must be so proud of him. He really is the little pride of Changsha.

And Lay rapping really is the cutest.

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[TLP CHANGSHA] Xing: Changsha dishes are nice right? Luhan: Of course boss Zhang



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[140727 TLP in CHANGSHA] Yixing: “Hello everyone, I’m EXO’s Zhang Yixing. Really happy to come back in Changsha and see you again guys. Do you feel happy? I think not only there are fans from Changsha here, but there are fans from all over the world who came here. Thank you everyone. Are you guys tired from travelling all over? Thank you guys. Also, to let you happen know more about Changsha, I’ve prepared a rap from about I want to say. Listen carefully to the rap, okay? *YIXING RAPS WHILE CHANYEOL BEATBOXES* Thank you very much, Chanyeol. Actually, our 11 people particularly like Changsha and Changsha dishes. I am aspiring to promote the culture of my hometown. I’m really happy to see you. I love you all.”


cr. 小楠大北

audio of yixing’s speech | yixing’s rap with chanyeol

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I can’t give you the best, but I will give you my best.
Lay (cr. 灵潇潇潇)
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You are all my babies, so don’t cry or our hearts will hurt
Yixing (via poopingdumplings)
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Your sweat doesn’t only drop on the floor, or on your body. They stay in our hearts.
Lay (cr. Taourstar)
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I can’t guarantee that I give you the best of me, but I will surely always strive to give you a better version of me every time.
Lay’s ending speech during EXO’s the Lost Planet Concert in Changsha 140727 (via hareandbear)
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Yixing’s just like his mum… They’re like angels <3 Yixing’s mum pleases adopt me??
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[WEIBO] 27/07/2014 Actualización de Lay:

Trabajasteis duro, trabajasteis duro, vosotros chicos sois muy buenos. Me dio un shock, de verdad que había muchos de vosotros. Me emocionó mucho, tanto que no tengo palabras para describir lo que siento, de verdad chicos que habéis trabado muy duro. Estoy…

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[140727 FANACC] After the concert, (Yixing’s) grandparents were really nice and kind. I was all wet and holding my Xing LED board. Grandpa even told me, “You’ve worked hard.” and then shook my hands. Meanwhile, Grandma said, “Thank you.” to me. This is why I like Zhang Yixing so much. I don’t regret anything. You’re my little pride.


cr. 小北一般不搞笑-偶尔接个地气 (A fan who met Yixing’s grandparents)

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